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  • What is the reputation system?
    It is a method for members to give feedback on users posts and threads in the form of +1 or -1.

    What is the reputation system used for?
    Repuation is mostly to show what the community thinks of a certain member. A member with possitive reputation is more reputable than a member with negative reputation.

    Can members ask for reputation points?
    No, Reputation is not to be trades, sold, bought or bartered for. If you see posts with; for example: "+rep if it worked"; must be reported to staff and will be warned for reputation abuse.

    Can I have my reputation reset?
    No. Staff will not reset your reputation unless you abused the system.

    What is reputation abuse?
    Reputation abuse can be very complicated subject matter. Here is a list of the following ways reputation can be viewed as abuse.

    • Flaming: Using extremely coarse language to describe or berate a member.
    • Reputation as a currency: We do not allow the buying or selling of reputation points.
    • Gang Rep: The act of coordination with other members to raise or lower a member’s reputation is not allowed.
    • Rep Requesting: You cannot give hints, tips, or request reputations.

    I think I was rep abused, how do I report it?
    PM a member of staff and it will be investigated.

    What happens if I or someone else abuses reputation?
    The abusive reputation will likely be removed and a reputation warning may be issued. You may not report reputation abuse if it was not you who were abused. It’s up to the person that was abused to address staff about it.

    Does reputation infloience my staff app?
    Not purely, however if you have a lot of negative reputation, LeakPortal staff will be causious about your application and it may have a higher chance of being denied.

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