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  • What are warning levels for?
    Warning levels are a kind reminder to the user that the community has rules in place and to follow them.

    What can happen if I continue to break the community rules?
    Constant breaking of LeakPortal rule can result in a permanent ban with sequential temporary bans before hand.

    What punishment are inplace at the moment?
    The following bans are inplace for constant rule breakers

    1. 20 Points -> 3 Day ban
    2. 30 Points -> 7 Day ban
    3. 40 Points -> 14 Day Ban
    4. 50 Points -> Permanent ban

    Can I appeal a ban?
    Yes, If you think you were wrongfully punished to can appeal either the warning points given or the ban. Appealing isnt for apologizing to get the ban removed, staff will only remove bans for wrongful punishment ONLY.


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