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  • Helpful things to know.
    These pages were created for LeakPortal.

    LeakPortal Community Rules
    All of the Leak Portal Community rules, and expected behavior.

    LeakPortal Warning System
    Leak Portal Warnings and punishments explained.

    LeakPortal Repuation System
    Infomation about Leak Portal Reputation.

    Frequently asked Questions

    How do I upload my files?
    Leak Portal do not host user submitted files, all users must upload their files to a file host provider and provide the link.

    How do I hide my content so people have to reply and not leech?
    If you want to hide your link, you can use the [hide] *content* [/hide] bbcode. Anything between that bbcode will be hidden from user who are not registered or have not replied to the thread.

    What are the benifits of buying VIP?
    VIP members will not see advertisements we run on LeakPortal. You will also gain access to the private VIP section on the forums and be able to post threads in the premium market place.

    How do I buy VIP?
    VIP is not available for purchase at the current time. It is manually handed out to members of credibility. When the site becomes more popular we will enabled VIP be to purchased by everyone to help cover costs of running the site.


© Leak Portal 2017

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