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  2. Hello leakers! As we near our 1000 member goal, leakportal.com will be giving away 10,00 fortnite V-Bucks to 1 Lucky member. Rules: No Toxicity Only enter once Any Platform, PC, Xbox, PS4 and Mobile? People play on mobile??? Any region How do I enter? Like the post Leave a none spam comment Wait and see who wins These V-Bucks will purchesed as a gift straight to your Epic Games account. I will not ask for you login, I will only need your fortnite username to add you as a friend and send you the V-Bucks. You may get more V-Bucks than advertised depending on Offers and Deals Epic Games have at the time. This in-game currency could be spent in both Battle Royale PvP function and Save the global community PvE campaign. In Battle Royale mode, you can buy customization items such as for example skins, emotes, gliders, and pickaxes, in addition to a Battle Pass. Found in Save the global world you can buy Llama Piñata card packs. So whether you're looking to get that sweet Victory Royale or you're fending off those zombie hordes in Save the World, that you can do so in style now. If you win, you select how specifically to spend your V-Bucks! Additional Information: I will use a random name picker to pick the winner I will contact the winner You won't want to miss out on this online sweepstakes! The winner will be drawn once we hit 1000+ members. Give or take. This thread may be changed.
  3. Upgraded site. How do you like the recent changes

  4. Greetings everyone, Today we enabled Google OAuth on our site, using google to register and login is Easy, fast and secure. Simply select Login with google, you will be redirected to Google login page. Once you login google will send you back to LeakPortal with a authentication token. We can then use that token to check with google if you are logged in or not. If you already have an account on our site using a username and password, you can still enable google login. Simple go to you account settings, click on google and press the sync with google button. https://www.leakportal.com/settings/google/ If you are concerned about your privacy, here is the infomation we request from google for your account. Account email Account creation date Age Authentication Token All the best, Site Administrator
  5. All name change request must be posted in this forums, A member of the administration staff will respond to your request in due time. Name changes will not be processed if; The name is already taken by another member. The name has any offensive, racist or derogatory terms. The name contains Admin, Moderator, Staff Or any permutation thereof. Members are limited to 1 name change per year. If you are a VIP member you can change you name yourself in your account settings.
  6. You're welcome, Thank you for joining. I am only here to help and run the site.
  7. Get qBittorrent 3.3.16 x64 and create an account on ShowRSS, add your shows and paste the link into qBt. Its the best torrent program according to this post: https://www.leakportal.com/topic/39-the-best-free-torrent-clients-of-2018-faster-better-downloads/
  8. Leak Portal is growing, and to commidate to new and future members, We are looking for members to join the staff team. If you are interested to helping to enforce the rules and create a plesent atmosephere Apply here: https://www.leakportal.com/application/
  9. I have added a Note on the top of the posts to breifly better explain the about the leak.
  10. Admin

    VMWare Workstation 14.0 FULL and Serials

    Moved to Torrents forum section. Please make sure you post in the correct section next time.
  11. Since Google is now disabling reCaptcha1, people were unable to register to leakportal and would get a "Sercurity Check failed!" message. I'll be honist took me a while to figure out the reCaptcha we were using was disabled and we had to upgrade to reCaptcha 2. I have registered to site to use the new one and it is enabled and working. Registration should have no problems now. Google reCAPTCHA has been a great tool in fighting spam. Nonetheless it comes with a price to your users if they include to type hard to learn letters and amounts to prove they aren't a robot. The issue in filling out an application is related to the engagement and responses you will receive directly. Click simply. Really, that’s it. One press to prove you aren't a robot and you will be on your way. If you click multiple moments in a brief period of time, the responses shall get a lttle bit more challenging. If you are a standard human being however, you won't ever even see these more complex challenges probably. If you still get registration issues, dont hesitate to Contact Us and we will mitigate the problem.
  12. Admin

    Bash / Batch Section

    I have created a forum for your request: Bash, Batch and Shell Scripts Look forward to your contributions.
  13. This requires VMWare, If you dont have it, you can download it here:
  14. Admin

    Minecraft section

    Hey, I made a gaming section and a minecraft forum inside of it. You can find it in the tabs or here is a direct link. https://www.leakportal.com/forum/44-minecraft/ Hope to see some good leaks from you.