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  1. Hello to everybody! Many people know me on forums for years, and I have been known on other resources and friendly sites. I am an active seller in another field(seller of hotels and avia! On all resources, I have the status of a veteran, a respected moderator, a verified seller with various checks and deposits, I have thousands of reviews with thanks and many partners and friends from different countries! Today I want to present you my new drawing service @ Serggik00_Otrisovca which is sure you will like it and you will appreciate it in the future !!!! To provide quality services, we Have purchased a lot of material to work on this topic, as well as professional equipment to demonstrate the best quality of the work performed. The work performed is provided to You in the form that You wish(printing,lamination,photo,scan in purified form), which guarantees high permeability,since in fact there will be no traces of editing! Thanks to my disciplinary qualities, I have achieved the same from my team!!! We have EVERYTHING to do all kind of work all in a short time!!!! Bank card (CC) 8-13$ Passports (more than 40 countries) 8-12$ ID card / DL / 8-14$ SSN / SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER / TIN FOR 5$ Selfie from 25$ Statement BA / Bank statement with Your transactions 8-12$ Utility bill / utility Bills 4-8$ Editing Your documents For all inquiries, contact telegram messenger: Serggik00_otrisovca (https://t.me/Serggik00_Otrisovca)

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