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Found 5 results

  1. If it stops working for some reason use the discussion section to report! Thank You! ~ qtChan Original Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...-editor-multiple-animations-1-8-1-14-1.64949/ EliteLootbox is a customisable lootbox plugin that allows you to create lootboxes that are identical to a well-known server's lootbox feature. This plugin comes with an in-game reward adder (Support NBT Tags) and it comes with a fully customisablepercentage system. Current Animations: Lootbox Animation Drop Package Animation CSGO Roulette Animation Pictures Lootbox.yml /elitelootboxes create <lootboxName> - Generate a lootbox in the lootbox.yml [elitelootbox.create] /elitelootbox addreward <lootboxName> <percentage> - Add the item in your hand to your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.addreward] /elitelootbox setreward <lootboxName> <1or2> - Set the bonus items in the lootbox animation [elitelootbox.setreward] /elitelootbox rewards <lootboxName> - Get all the rewards in your desired lootbox [elitelootbox.viewrewards] /elitelootbox give <player> <lootboxName> - Give player a lootbox [elitelootbox.give] If you need support then check out the support discord https://discord.gg/T7mVwtV If you have any questions then feel free to contact me @ Splodgebox#3490 on discord [Hidden Content]
  2. AdLinkFly is a GDPR compliant. Earn money by starting your own monetized link shortening service, just like adf.ly(adfly), ouo.io, linkshrink.net or shorte.st clone scripts! Allow members to shorten links & earn money, and keep a share of the profit. AdLinkFly includes a complete publisher and advertiser system, campaigns, referrals, withdrawals, API, translation ready, PayPal, Stripe, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin(Coinbase – CoinPayments), WebMoney, Perfect Money, PAYEER, Money Wallet & Bank Transfer integration, reCAPTCHA integration and much more! The script works on shared, VPS and dedicated hosting plans just check if your hosting company meets the script system requirements listed here. Also, you can find a list of recommended shared hosting companies here. Demo Account Frontend: https://adlinkfly.mightyscripts.xyz/ Administration Panel: https://adlinkfly.mightyscripts.xyz/auth/signin Username: DemoAccount – Password: password Interstitial Ad Example: https://adlinkfly.mightyscripts.xyz/IgaZ Banner Ad Example: https://adlinkfly.mightyscripts.xyz/55yVTj No Advert Example: https://adlinkfly.mightyscripts.xyz/LB845kLq Mighty Features GDPR Compliant A checkbox to accept the Terms of use and Privacy policy while user registration Make personal information optional like first name, last name,... Administrator can export all user personal data like profile data, links, invoices and withdraws. Display cookie notification message A checkbox field to contact us and support forms to accept collecting name and email Administrator can delete a user completely with its related links, views, campaigns, invoices and withdraws Publishers Publishers and you can earn money by showing ads when users click on shortened links Ability to change the CPM (Cost Per Mille, thousands) for each country Different ad types Interstitial ? Full page ad Banner ? 728×90, 468×60 & 336×280 Popup No ad ? will work as redirect servise like bit.ly Publishers have access to a powerful dashboard Statistics sorted by Month & Year Auto-generated line graphs Can view, edit, and hide links Advertiser System Each visitor you will purchase will meet the following criteria: Unique within a 24 hour time frame They are not using Adblocker extenstions They will have JavaScript enabled They will have Cookies enabled Must view your website for at least 5 seconds Advertisers can create campaigns for the below adertisments: Interstitial ? Full page ad Banner ? 728×90, 468×60 & 336×280 Popup Pop Up Advertisers can select campaigns target sources like Desktop Mobile/tablests All sources Advertisers can pause, resume and monitor their campaigns Payment Gateways PayPal Stripe Payza Skrill Bitcoin – Coinbase Bitcoin – CoinPayments WebMoney Perfect Money PAYEER Wallet Money Bank Transfer And more is coming …. Withdrawal System Publishers can withdraw their earned profits using PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Wallet Money and Bank Transfer Turn off withdrawals if funds are low Referrals System The AdLinkFly referral program is a great way to spread the word of this great service and to earn even more money with your short links! Refer friends and receive 20% of their earnings for life! Members System visitors can sign up and activation e-mails will be sent out reCAPTCHA verification on reset password and signup pages Allow users to reset their passwords Allow users to change their email address Users can add add their billing information like first name, last name, address, country, city, state and phone number API Tools Quick Link: Everyone can use the shortest way to shorten links with AdLinkFly. Mass Shrinker: Enter up to 20 URLs (one per line) to be shrunk and added to your account Full Page Script: If you have a website with 100’s or 1000’s of links you want to change over to short then tool will be helpful for you. Developers API: For developers AdLinkFly prepared API which returns responses in JSON format. Captcha System Enable/Disable Captcha Enable/Disable on Short Links Page Enable/Disable on Signup Form Enable/Disable on Forgot Password Form Translation Ready Easliy translate AdLinkFly to the language of your choice. Multilingual Ready Visitors can choose ftheir language from the dropdown. Pages You can add unlimited pages with the ability to edit and delete. General Multi domains for short links Testimonials system Support form for member area AdLinkFly includes two themes: Classic and Modern Ajax contact form. Copy button(No flash required anymore) for shotned links Administration Panel Easily accessible & make users admins View site statistics on the dashboard Change website name & description Change default site language and timezone Add your website logo in two versions Enable/Disable Account Activation by Email Enable/Disable advertising features Change Referral Percentage earning Ability to add Head Code into front area pages Ability to add Head Code into Auth pages like signin, sinup, forgot password pages Ability to add Head Code into member area Ability to add Head Code into admin area Disallow certain domains from be shortened Change alias min length & max length Enable/Disable Interstitial Advertisement Enable/Disable Banner Advertisement Enable/Disable No Advert Set default advertisement type for anonymous and members Set counter value into short links pages Set Mass Shrinker Limit Admin can ads into various positions like: Member Area Captcha page Interstitial Page Ad: This ad will be displayed between logo and counter. Banner 728×90 Banner 468×60 Banner 336×280 Ability to change currency code Ability to change Currency symbol Ability to ad Facebook Page URL Ability to ad Twitter Profile URL Ability to ad Google Plus URL SMTP email support Ability to filter campaigns Ability to filter users Ability to filter links Download: [Hidden Content]
  3. -Support me -Say THANKS to the topic please INFO Online privacy is hard to maintain, especially on the go, but IPVanish makes it easy. We mask your IP address with one of our own so that you can avoid local censorship, online advertisers, and identity theft. Keeping your personal data out of the hands of others is effortless with IPVanish. Our VPN app works as a tunnel that allows you to securely surf the web, all while keeping third party onlookers and trackers outside of the connection. Once you're connected to IPVanish, your online activity is encrypted, preventing cyber criminals, search engines and websites from tracking your location and analyzing your information. When you open the IPVanish app and select the city from which you want your new IP address to originate, you’ll finally experience a safe and free Internet. You’ll be able to put a stop to online identity theft, connect to public Wi-Fi without the potential of being hacked, prevent your ISP from slowing your video streaming speeds, among many other snooping and cybercrime prevention benefits. You’ll even be able to access the popular websites you're searching for without censorship from your office, school, or location. IPVanish provides a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a connection to our privatizing network, all of your online data (emails, instant messages, data transfers, browsing history, online banking) is encrypted. IPVanish is the only true commercial Top Tier VPN service in the world. This means that we own all of our VPN servers, manage our own network, and develop our own apps, ensuring your data remains as secure as possible. IPVANISH SERVICE FEATURES : Absolutely zero logs of your internet connection are recorded or kept Network presence in 60 countries with over 40,000+ shared IP addresses Access to more than 850 VPN servers worldwide Military-grade encryption (AES-256) Unlimited VPN server switching 24/7 customer support Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version. Note: please don’t change anything in the accounts , If you did that the account will be stopped Thanks for your understanding!! Note: Don't changed the password or account will be banned! After testing, I will add more Premium accounts Down Load [Hidden Content]
  4. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 Final: System Requirements: ___________________________________________________________________________ Download: [Hidden Content] Activate: [Hidden Content]
  5. ======================================= Languages: Multilingual | File size: 32.8 MB ======================================= Adguard is a unique program that has all the necessary features for the best web experience. First of all, it’s an ad blocker. Adguard lets you fully enjoy the Internet without any distractions. Watch the videos you want to watch, not annoying pre-rolls, and browse websites for content not tons of banners. Adguard gives you freedom of choice and saves your nerves. It also makes the Internet a safer place: blocks the loading of dangerous websites, speeds up the page loading, secures your privacy and much more. Works perfectly with all browsers! What can Adguard do? Ad Blocker. Blocking of all kinds of ads, high-quality filtering of traffic on the background. Ads are removed even before pages are loaded in the browser. Browsing Security. Protection from phishing and malicious websites. Adguard checks every page for any malicious content using our databases, and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones. Stealth Mode. This module will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet. Blocking of third-parties cookies, hiding IP address and other features for protection of your personal data. Parental Control. Protection of children online. Blocks access to inappropriate websites, removes obscene materials from search results and much more. Why Adguard? Adguard works in all browsers. Safari, Chrome — you name it. No exceptions. Easy to install. A couple of clicks, and your PC is protected from ads. You don’t have to struggle with overcomplicated settings — just surf the net and Adguard will do all the work. Blocking video ads. Any video ad, on any site — Adguard will block it. Application filtering. Adguard blocks ads of any kinds and not only in all browsers, but in programs as well! Even in Windows UI applications (apps from Windows Store). Adguard has intuitive and simple UI with such additional features like Adguard Assistant, Filter editor and Filtering log. Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates. New in version 7: Adguard user interface has been completely redesigned. Now has a modern Adguard "tile" design. Adguard been translated into many languages. This includes a user interface assistant Adguard, filters, etc. The positions of the application window is now saved and restored when you restart the application. In the notification menu redesigned, improved availability of different options through the notification area. The interface of the new version is much more friendly to blind users or users with low vision. The speed of the user interface and loading speed were significantly optimized memory consumption greatly reduced. Now, when you first start Adguard shows the welcome screen for you to determine Adguard and briefly telling about its capabilities. Upgrading to a new version of Adguard 5 is now possible and does not lead to a loss of settings. New ability to change the channel updates on "Beta" and get all the beta updates, including updates Assistant and extensions. Anti tracking - a new module has been added. It protects your personal information online in various ways, including blocking cookies external sources, hiding IP addresses, and much more. Improved support for application filtering. Now Adguard automatically detects the applications installed on your computer and offers filtering them. This applies to the Windows app store. Editor filters and filtration magazine have been completely redesigned. You will find a fresh design and improved functionality. You can now use the new search feature throughout the program for any keyword by typing it in the text box in the upper right corner. Now you can add any filter to the URL or set the path to a local file on your computer, and Adguard will automatically track it changes. Extensions were made into a separate module that can be turned on and off as a whole. Security custom extensions has been greatly improved. numerous additions and improvements to the filtering process were made, separately worth noting the support of the new rules and modifiers accelerate filtration. Many other changes, which are impossible to list all the changes in the list.Hello! Anybody here? There hasn’t been a new Windows beta for so long, we are not sure anymore ???? Hopefully, you are still aboard, and you will find the new beta worth the time spent. We believe it is — among other important stuff we greatly reduced the build size, almost twice compared to its former self. Oh, and there’s a new update channel now — Nightly. Intrigued? You should be. Read on to find the details. Download⬇️ .::. Rapidgator .::.✔️ [Hidden Content] .::. Filefactory .::.✔️ [Hidden Content] .::. Zippyshare .::.✔️ [Hidden Content]

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