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Found 1 result

  1. So popcorn time is slow af, Stremio add-ons are not working well and Kodi isn't a great UI (I really don't like it). I was feed up of streaming, I am switching to torrent downloading. Right now I use http://yts.ph/ (I think it is the official site) to have 720 or 1080 movies, it works great, the only thing that I miss from other apps is the ability to see popular movies or recommended ones, yeah I can search IMDB but it is more clicks and less watching I have no issues with movies, but it is weird with series. Downloading and watching old series like Scrubs is great, already finished so I just delete the watched episodes and done, but with The Simpsons, it is different. I wanted to ask which apps/calendars/things you use to keep your watched episodes marked, or how you keep up with episodes. Minimalistic and simple was are VERY welcome, more tricky ones too