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About Me

Found 1 result

  1. Today I will present you an actual working NordVPN patcher I found on a Russian site. Showcase: Features: 1) Supports any NordVPN version, and should support upcoming versions of NordVPN (if not patched) 2) The patcher can automatically update itself to the latest version 3) Easy to use and straight forward 4) Disables the ability of NordVPN to detect if you are running a fake licensed account 5) All connection to NordVPN auth servers is blocked meaning there is no way to check if you are connected to a real account or not Tutorial: 1) Download the patcher and the NordVPN setup application. 2) Install NordVPN. 3) Run the patcher and select the folder where you installed NordVPN (default location should be fine) 4) The patcher will now do it's thing and once it's done it will say a success message once you press OK it will restart NordVPN. 5) Enjoy yourself with free unlimited premium! Download: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Other info: Your antivirus might flag it as malicious hence it modifies system files in order to crack NordVPN. To fix this, simply turn your antivirus off and it will work just fine. If you don't trust it, you may turn it on later again. If you don't trust it at all, don't download it. You should already know false positives are common in patchers, keygens, etc... P.S: The actual patcher was in Russian, but I translated it to English. If the patcher gets patched by NordVPN, let me know! I will let the developer know ASAP. But as of now, everything works flawless! Leave a like if it worked, leechers will be reported. Thank you!

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