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CreamAPI v3.4.1.0 - A Steam DLC Unlocker

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I hope it will work


Edited by Xord

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Finally. Great to see a proper mirror to cs.ru. Thanks

Thanks. Was searching for a long time for this, since it's original site is down for maintenance.

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    • By deez
      CreamAPI - A Legit DLC Unlocker (v4.1.0.0)

      - The ability to unlock all DLCs on legit steam
      - Support for the all known SteamApps versions (2 to 😎
      - Support for the all known SteamUser versions (9 to 20)
      - Support for the games that are making the use of steamclient(64).dll

      Installation (x86):
      - Download and extract the DLC you want
      - Rename the original steam_api.dll to steam_api_o.dll
      - Copy steam_api.dll and cream_api.ini to the game folder *
      - Configure cream_api.ini (see "Confuguration notes" below)
      - Enjoy

      Installation (x64):
      - Download and extract the DLC you want
      - Rename the original steam_api64.dll to steam_api64_o.dll
      - Copy steam_api64.dll and cream_api.ini to the game folder *
      - Configure cream_api.ini (see "Confuguration notes" below)
      - Enjoy

      * It's possible to choose between the logger CreamAPI version (features the ability to log for the installed DLCs) that is located in log_build folder and the non-logger one that is located in nonlog_build folder.

      Configuration notes:
      - Some games do have a special check of steam_api.dll/steam_api64.dll, so if it's modified, game won't start anymore (e.g. Magicka)(also some games are checking if there is an *.ini file inside the directory).
      In order to be able to play such games with unlocker, you should set the "extraprotection" option to "true".
      Keep in mind that some games still won't work (e.g. Serious Sam HD: TFE/TSE) if they have more custom checks then expected.
      - Some games do support the automatic DLC unlock, so then you can put : unlockall = true and every DLC will be unlocked
      deadmau5 (c) 2o16-2o19

      special thanks for testing go to: machine4578, Christsnatcher, Rui, demde, Haoose, Lordw007, UberPsyX
      special greetings go to: Bronco, Painter, Tihiy, Convery, SyntheticEthics
      ...and to all other people who remained partial to this project.

      a general F.A.Q. including a link to a spreadsheet depicting test results of CreamAPI "behavior" on various games (right on top): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RWe ... JsSTg/edit (by linkthehylian)
      a form letting you contribute your own personal testing results to the aforementioned spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/19OK6ph ... TeMis/edit (by linkthehylian)
      Current Release v4.1.0.0:

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    • By Yepp
      Leak Portal Staff gave Yepp a warning for this post
      Reason: Rule 3 - Malware / Infected Upload · Points: 50
    • By cheeser
      This pack includes 41 rats, all are for windows and are great. If you have been looking for a specific RAT, Your search ends here, im confident you will find it here. The pack includes
      njRAT 0.5.0 njRAT v0.6.4 njRAT v0.7 Cloud Net RAT Hades v1.6 Luminosity Link Inmminent Monitor xRAT 2 XtremeRAT 3.5 Private Xtreme RAT 3.7 D-RAT Source Code (PHP RAT) TorCT PHP RAT HAKOPS RAT v2 DarkComet All Versions Loki RAT (PHP RAT) Pandora Rat v2.2 KJw0rm v0.5X DroidJack v4.4 Indetectables Rat v0.9.5 Unknown RAT Maus v2.0b Revenge RAT v0.3 KillerRAT v10.0.0 Comet RAT v0.1.4 KazyBot Lite PHP RAT SpyGate Rat v3.2 Babylon RAT Vantom RAT PlasmaRat v1.5 NingaliNET v1.1.0.0 SpyNote v5 (Android RAT) Darktrack Alien v4.1 Quasar RAT NanoCore RAT - Unicorn v1.2.2.0 Orcus 1.9.1 All these rats are High Quality and paid, No free crap infected crap!

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    • By gubjelol
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      Go to G2a.com, press the thing that says "Start selling now" (top right) then press "Add a product." 
      You will now be asked to make an account. Make one. You need to verify your email. Go to your mail and open the mail they sent.
      When you press the button that says "Confirm your email address now" you will be redirected to a page. Just press continue.
      After that, they will ask you to verify your identity.
      Press "Confirm now." Enter a Username of your choice and press "Next Step."
      Enter your phone number and press the button again.
      The 3rd step is connecting your social media. Choose whatever option you want.
      When you're done with verifying yourself, you can now start selling. 
      Go to this link. It will look like this:

      Type this into the search bar: Random Steam Key GLOBAL 10 Keys
      Add the keys you have bought into the list, enter your price (Current price is 3.6$, so you should list it for 3$)
      Scroll down, press the green button that says "Sell Item." If this does not work for you, try it on other websites where the price might be higher.

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