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War Thunder Operation S.U.M.M.E.R | Recipes

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  • V-2 engine without attachments
  • Fuel pump
  • Oil pump
  • Electric starter
  • Generator


  • Gearbox
  • Engine Clutch
  • Final drive x2
  • Band-brake x2


  • Road wheel x10
  • Idler wheel x2
  • Drive wheel x2
  • Spring x20
  • Caterpillar track x2


  • V-2 Engine
  • T-34 Transmission
  • T-34 Armored Hull
  • DT Machine Gun
  • Tanker's Seat x2
  • Fuel Tank
  • Battery x4
  • Periscope x2
  • Radio Set


  • Gunbarrel
  • Cannon breech
  • Breechblock
  • DT machine gun
  • Elevation mechanism


  • F-34 cannon
  • Periscope x2
  • Turret armor parts
  • Horizontal drive
  • Telescopic sight
  • Periscopic sight
  • Tanker's backless seat x2


  • T-34 Hull
  • T-34 Chassis
  • T-34 Turret
  • Applique armor
  • Tow rope x1
  • Tracks x11

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