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I hope this one will work for me.


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On 3/7/2018 at 10:10 PM, nevro said:

Howdy LeakPortal community,

Just a premise: if you are a leecher this method may not work for you, but you will understand everything reading the thread.
First of all you need to understand that this method WORKS (until there will be available VPSs) and so I won't tell you that everything you need to to is click on a button called "get a free VPS".
It took me a week to get the vps since I had started and It took me more than that to find out this method. Luckily, I have already done the longest step for you!

Before applying:

  • Note that this VPS can not be used as a game server
  • You should not do illegal activities on that because your account may be banned. I say MAY because I have not cracked/hacked anything on that, I have just downloaded some cracking tools to try but I didn't run them.
  • This is a Linux VPS but you can run windows programs using WINE
  • More info in the TOS (see later)


Now let's get into the "real" Tutorial: 


Hidden Content

  • Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.


Before you go I just wanna advice you to use lxde desktop and VNC to get a desktop environment in your vps (if you are a Linux expert you may not need this) and remember that you can download winehq (https://www.winehq.org) to run windows-made programs on your VPS.


p.s. don't dislike just because there are no VPSs available, retry another time and make me know it via a PM



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    • By Hausmaster
      Credits to: SalC
      ██████ ▄▄▄ ██▓ ▄████▄ ▒██ ▒ ▒████▄ ▓██▒ ▒██▀ ▀█ ░ ▓██▄ ▒██ ▀█▄ ▒██░ ▒▓█ ▄ ▒ ██▒░██▄▄▄▄██ ▒██░ ▒▓▓▄ ▄██▒ ▒██████▒▒ ▓█ ▓██▒░██████▒▒ ▓███▀ ░ ▒ ▒▓▒ ▒ ░ ▒▒ ▓▒█░░ ▒░▓ ░░ ░▒ ▒ ░ ░ ░▒ ░ ░ ▒ ▒▒ ░░ ░ ▒ ░ ░ ▒ ░ ░ ░ ░ ▒ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░ ░░ ░ ░ What you will need:
      A Minecraft 1.12.2 Installation with Forge: Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. Forgehax: Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. randombook.txt Text file: Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. At least 95 books and quills to start. (Get 5 extra if you want to dupe multiple times.) Setup Instructions:
      1.  Put forgehax.jar in your mods folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/mods).
      2.  Launch Minecraft and quit. This will create the forgehax folder in your Minecraft directory.
      3.  Put randombook.txt into the forgehax folder (%appdata%/.minecraft/forgehax).
      4.  (FOR HACKED CLIENT USERS) Most hacked clients have an internal command system that uses a period (.) to activate. This will need to be changed to a comma (,) to differentiate between the two mods. Do this by opening “ChatCommandService.activation_char.json” in this directory: (%appdata%\.minecraft\forgehax\config\settings) and replace the “.” With a “,”.
      5.  Open Minecraft and go into any server or world to set up the bookbot in game.
      6.  Type in these commands (Use a “,” instead of a “.” If you did step 4.)
      a.  .bookbot file randombook.txt (Sets the file to randombook.txt)
      b.  .bookbot sleep 1100 (Sets the cooldown in ms. This value is large enough to not get kicked on most servers)
      c.  .bookbot name 1 (Sets the name of the book. Start with the number 1 for organization. Though, you can name it whatever you want.)
      7.  Find a chunk to use as your “duping area”. Use F3+G to see chunk borders.
      8.  Place two double chests within your duping area.
      9.  Take your books and quills and fill your hotbar with them.
      10. Type “.bookbot start”. This will start automatically writing all the books in your hotbar. To stop the bookbot from writing books, use “.bookbot delete”. (For some reason they used the word “delete” instead of “stop”. Keep in mind this will not delete anything. It’s just how they decided to call it.)
      11. Once you are done writing the books in your hotbar, place those into one of the double chests you just placed.
      12. Now type “.bookbot name 2”. This will set the name of the book to 2. The goal here is for these written books to not stack. This is what the exploit relies on. Basically, you need to change the name of the book every 9 books. After you write books with this name, change it to 3, then 4, 5, and so on every 9 books.
      13. You will initially need to write a total of 90 books that will stay in the chests throughout duping. These books should have 10 different names total.
      Duping Time! (Repeat these steps unit the admin patches this exploit!):
      1.  Put whatever you want to dupe into the chunk.
      2.  The chunk needs to be saved. Do this by either re-logging or unloading and reloading the chunk.
      3.  Change the name of the book to any unused name one last time and write 5 more of them.
      4.  Place those 5 books into one of the two double chests you have the books in. This puts the chunk into a state where it will not save upon it being unloaded. At this point, you can take the items you want to dupe outside the chunk.
      5.  Re-log or unload and reload the chunk. This will reset the chunk to the state before you put the last 5 books inside the chest. Your items should now be duplicated!
      Things to note:
      -   This does not work in single-player.
      -   Duplicate some books and quills as you will need 5 every time you dupe.
      -   You can’t duplicate pre-written “duping books”.
      -   Whenever you want to edit your duping chunk between “dupes”, make you “save” it by either re-logging or unloading and reloading the chunk. If this is not done, there will be a chance when you perform the dupe again that the chunk will revert to the earliest state (when you initially added the 90 books and items you wanted to dupe).
      -   It can take a lot of time to get enough books and quills for this exploit. If you are intimidated by the process, practice this on a private creative server until you master it.
    • By Brilliant
      V-2 engine without attachments Fuel pump Oil pump Electric starter Generator TRANSMISSION
      Gearbox Engine Clutch Final drive x2 Band-brake x2 CHASIS
      Road wheel x10 Idler wheel x2 Drive wheel x2 Spring x20 Caterpillar track x2 HULL
      V-2 Engine T-34 Transmission T-34 Armored Hull DT Machine Gun Tanker's Seat x2 Fuel Tank Battery x4 Periscope x2 Radio Set CANNON
      Gunbarrel Cannon breech Breechblock DT machine gun Elevation mechanism TURRET
      F-34 cannon Periscope x2 Turret armor parts Horizontal drive Telescopic sight Periscopic sight Tanker's backless seat x2 T-34E
      T-34 Hull T-34 Chassis T-34 Turret Applique armor Tow rope x1 Tracks x11
    • By Loana
      Greetings everyone. I wrote this guide in about 5 minutes, if i missed anything pease comment.
      An ages reddit account Verified email 500 post karma With these steps you wil be able to get over 10K karma, and if you keep doing it easly get above 100k. You can use this method to farm karam and sell Reddit accounts.
      This could be your account:

      Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.  
      Aged, high karma reddit accounts are worth alot of money and can easly make a living.
      10k karma is worth about $20, while 100k get fetch $300+ 1 million has been sold for $10,000 to companies. they pay alot for high karma acocunt.
    • By Brilliant
      Hello everyone.
      People have been having a problem with getting the DVT license to work on newer versions of jetbrains. A breif explination as to why. Jetbrains is making an effort to stop cracking of their software.
      For now Jetbrains is blocking public DVT license server hosts,, 192.168.*.* and 10.*.*.*
      This is easily bypassed though. All you need to do is go into your router and open the port the license server listens on, by default this is 1027. But if you launch the license server on a different port open that port.
      Then you need to go to
      Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. and copy your ip. In the intelliJ "Active the product" screen, in the license server you put your IP and the port you have open. For example, if you IP was and the kept the port default 1027. In the activation server you put and that will work. If you have any problems post below Ill try to help you.
      You can download the DVT license server here:
      To end this thread, some bad news. Jetbrains to remaking their license system. So soon the License server wont work any more
    • By Feyzii
      I have been a successful eBay seller for over a year now and here i am sharing my tools.
      First off Terapeak

      Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.  | Terapeak also works directly with ebay sellers:  Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. The world’s leading provider of eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba analytics. When experts want to know what’s really happening in e-commerce.

      Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content. AMAZON VERSION COMING OUT SOON
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