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i bought this new method on Hackforums yesterday.

Its called: Instant Refund Method G2A to make some easy money with BITCOIN.

Read this eBook first as it's a core of the method:


G2A Instant Refund Exploit allows you to get any product from https://www.g2a.com/ completely for free.

you will need some Bitcoin (because you will have to send a payment for these products, which will be returned to your wallet instantly after making a purchase - this is how this exploit works, but I won’t describe too much here,as everything is described in that eBook.)

Many people are using this method just to get free games from G2A, when the best thing to do is to purchase Steam Giftcards instead.

Steam Giftcards can be easily sold for Bitcoin on: https://paxful.com/ for example.

You can’t use VPN - because otherwise g2a won’t allow you to create an order.

Some people are using this method to purchase Amazon giftcards. Dont do that they can remove your balance from your Amazon account and cancel your pending orders.If you purchase steam giftcards and sell them for Bitcoin on paxful.com, there is nothing g2a or paxful can do.

Okey if you understand everything lets go for the fun part:

So if you can’t change your IP every order, you can use it like 7-8 times per day.

When you will have gift cards. Now what you need to do, is go to


And sell your giftcards for real money.

[How this works]

the browser is shifted in another timezone and g2a takes that you sent the payment but does not verify it. Bitbay gives an error AFTER you got your key so your money is refunded instantly.

g2a re-generates the btc information, this script switches the timezone to +12 from you and bitbay will get an error because its tomorrow  so the money will be back on your account within a few minutes but you will get the item that you paid for.

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