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    • By Yepp
      Hey, am here now releasing a new Discord Spammer.

    • By Yepp
      Hey guys! Am here leaking this Token Generator, a guy was selling it and am leaking it cuz xd.
      Yep - Token Generator
    • By mr.bean
      I once were in a discord server where people posted random people's accounts, and I want to know if anyone else knows that discord?
    • By NoOneKnows
      That is almost a Crack I assume I stole this from some chat some kid bragging about how exactly he managed to get (Note: his email and password was stored in the code WAS)
      This isn't phishing I assume really..... Just stealing TBH You put a Discord token and use there token to utilize them as a discord talk bot or simply use there accounts you cant change the e-mail or security password you dont have perms to achieve that nor you dont get that
      and you also cant change there security password either but this technique is much more deadly
      They think they are receiving discord nitro but no ...or you can put sign up to become my bot I dont know nor care If you have any problems with this anyone pm me
      yes I know bad Grammar not the best at English Ill have another method soon to come out as well may be better but again you can login as them see there pms and shit
      Lets get into it........
      Today I will be showing a simple discord Nitro Stealer coded by some dude I don't know VB.net
      I could have added features MAYBE to cut down these steps but I didn't o well sorry
      I will leave scan links let you know thought gets like not detection mainly its just a tool sends Tokens
      can the tool tell if its a token No not really you can put random shit in but if you find the right people they will fall for it
      what is a Discord token well long story short if someone gives you their Token for discord well.. You have control over there whole account
      you can message people you can mess around in group chats etc your them even if you dont have there password
      nothing the less lets get started simply give someone your version of discord nitro manipulate them into putting in there token it will send to your desired email default is Gmail
      well lets get started.....
      First download the following

      Hidden Content
      Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.
      DnSpy: https://github.com/0xd4d/dnSpy
      click releases a Little bit above the clone and download to the left a little and click DnSpy.zip download it extract it and open and run the regular DnSpy.exe in the folder
      Then enable Less secure apps to use your gmail account (AKA) Discord Nitro
      go to https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255?hl=en
      to enable less secure apps
      Also make sure you dont have super verification on your account so the process dosnt fail
      as in don't have 2fa is possible or verify number bullshit if it dosnt work  sign out of your gmail account
      and sign back in see whats up
      Drag and drop Get_Nitro.exe to DnSpy in the empty space to the left and let it load for a little
      you can edit the language setting to be CSharp is what I like best and or VB.net

      Once loaded select the drop downs in the left side bar select the follwoing Drop downs
      Get Nitro --> Get Nitro --> Get_nitro --> Form1 --> then select .ctor
      Right click in the right sqaure empty space select edit class (C#) or what ever you have there

      Now listen up where the under line green lines are and or where it says PUT-EMAIL-HERE
      put your email address there then where it says PUT-PASSWORD-HERE put your email password there
      make sure you dont remove any lines quotes commas or anything like that unless you know what you are doing
      where the orange lines are you can put your own text there IF the token successfully sends if the gmail is working
      put any text withing the quotes marks ETC also all of this starts on like 30 ish

      Lastly click compile in the bottom right then on the top left where it says file click save all
      select the location you want to save your new discord nitro file to (I selected desktop ) and click ok

      Now thats that send that to someone to help them get there token tell them
      go onto there browser open discord right click anywhere click
      Inspect Element --> Click Application --> Click Local Storage --> Click https://discordapp.com
      and it will list a bunch of items you will see a thing called token The line in quotes example
      token          "dzsbhkfksdhgfkjdsg4f654sdgf5gdfg4"  <---- Thats the token make them put that one in
      Then tell them to click upgrade to nitro

      check your email it will be there Boom now you have there token how to use it?
      repeat the steps with inspect element in your browser in discord --> Application --> Local Storage --> https://discordapp.com --> select space in the quotes for token paste there token in the quotes  reload the browser
      Now you can use there account for botting or for a bot you dont need a email or password you can use there account for a alt as well well since discord bots are big

      Thats all I hoped you guys liked this easy tutorial
      If you need me to remove this just pm me how do you know if it fails if it didnt send the email and or it didnt pop up with your will receive discord nitro soon
      Get_Nitro scans:
      (Just false positives Ill link deep scan in a few minutes)
      Hybrid Analysis
      as you see CLEAN
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