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Ulitimate Amazon Refund Method

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I am sharing this amazon refund method!

1. First of all, you need to buy something from Amazon. Let's say you want a digital camera, add one to your cart.

2. Now, when you have selected whatever you want (I recommend 1 to 3 items) go and search for ink/nail polish.

3. Now, add the ink/nail polish into your cart. I have had success with this brand > 

4. Now, you can add more than one, but I usually go with one or two. Now, checkout using a payment method.

5. Within a day or two, your package should arrive. Now, this is where the social engineering comes in :)

6. Call up Amazon (you can also use the live chat, but calling is faster and easier) and tell them something along these links.



Hi, my name is _______

I recently purchased _______ and _______ and there was {ink/nail polish} spilled all over my _______ (other item you purchased; i.e camera)

The package for my ______ was stained and my {ink/nail polish} {spilled everywhere/cracked/exploded}.

How am I supposed to gift the item now? Is there anything you can do?


Example Message:


Hi, my name is Yashar.

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire HD and some nail polish for my nieces' birthday. The nail polish arrived cracked and all over the Kindle's packaging.

I really don't know how this could have happened, but how am I supposed to gift it? I had to go buy another Kindle and nail polish from Target.



7. It's that easy! They will ask for your order number, be nice and answer their questions. Remember, you're the "customer"

8. They will say that they will resend it and apologize. Say that you already bought another one or you want a refund. They will credit your account.

This method is failproof.



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