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reCaptcha 2 Enabled for Registration

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Since Google is now disabling reCaptcha1, people were unable to register to leakportal and would get a "Sercurity Check failed!" message. I'll be honist took me a while to figure out the reCaptcha we were using was disabled and we had to upgrade to reCaptcha 2. I have registered to site to use the new one and it is enabled and working. Registration should have no problems now.

Google reCAPTCHA has been a great tool in fighting spam. Nonetheless it comes with a price to your users if they include to type hard to learn letters and amounts to prove they aren't a robot. The issue in filling out an application is related to the engagement and responses you will receive directly.

Click simply. Really, that’s it. One press to prove you aren't a robot and you will be on your way.

If you click multiple moments in a brief period of time, the responses shall get a lttle bit more challenging. If you are a standard human being however, you won't ever even see these more complex challenges probably.

If you still get registration issues, dont hesitate to Contact Us and we will mitigate the problem.

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