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Microsoft Windows 10 Leaked Source code - 2017


This isnt a full windows 10 source code leak, the code microsoft confirmed was leaked was the ARM bootloader and some driver code.
As the author said, this will not compile and will only be useful for knowing about undocuemented windows functions!

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In June 2017, Microsoft experianced the largest leak in their history, Over 32TB of Source code, tools, builds and documents were published on the internet. The source code was originally published on betaarchive before they took it down by request of microsofts lawyers and police. The 2 people responsable for the leak were arrested shortly after.
I downloaded the source code before they took it down, and will link it here.


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You will notbe able to build this as it has dependancies that are not provided. But you can use it to reverse engineer windows and impliment some goodness into a virus.

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I have added a Note on the top of the posts to breifly better explain the about the leak.

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Quite an average release

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really nice

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I will try this one it looks nice!

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