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Don't Be 3v1l - Part 3 - Fake News

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Todays leaks cover how google filters news as fake news including sites which dont align with googles agenda. Sites like infowars and alexjones being completely blocked from the search engine for "fake news" because they are pro-trump. Google targets sites which supports trump and his actions.

Leak includes

  • Interal Documents
  • Filter lists
  • Internal e-mails
  • Internal tracker
  • Google news ranking


Part 4 ... googles hiring practices and descrimination

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    • By Hausmaster
      Today Leak Portal gained access to a collection of internal google documents leaked to us by a whistleblower. Documents relation to the internal workings at Google Corp and how their slogan "Don't be 3v1l" is a facade for for their evil plans to manipulate governements, people and even other companies. How they use the search engine to decide what to show you and what not to show you. How much google is hiding from you is really suprising and scary.
      This leak includes
      Internal e-mails Requirements and policies Statistics Timelines Blacklist And more details between the lines  
      Part 1 of the document leaks can be found here, there are much to be leaked soon. Keep an eye out for later releases.

      Hidden Content https://mega.nz/#F!yRE0Aa4D!nH6e6CnVBljZron_9AItRw

      Part 2... Googles tampering of the 2016 US President Elections.
    • By Hausmaster
      Today In our second set of releases are internal leaks of internal google discussions and agendas to temper with the 2016 elections with Google translate. By snuffing out a tweet trump sent out during his compaign.
      This leak includes:
      Internal Documents Internal tracker
      Hidden Content https://mega.nz/#F!vd1ARayA!sGJqzoAnTsxHOwEI5j-lPg

      Part 3... What google thinks is fake news
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