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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.3.49649 [x64+x86] + Plugins

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  Thanks for all the positive comments guys

April 05, 2018: Post updated to Version
March 23, 2018: Added Multilingual ISO to the post (Version 19.0.1)
March 18, 2018: Added Alfafile links
March 10, 2018: Added Adobe Photoshop version v19.1.2.45971
March 01, 2018: Added Adobe Photoshop Premium Plugins Collections 2018
February 10, 2018: Post updated to the latest version 2018 v19.1.1.42094
January 12, 2018: Added instructions to overcome Safelinking issues

Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 v19.1.3.49649 (x64+x86) Final Version [05, April, 2018] + PainteR/XFORCE Patch


The world’s best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. Work across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance your photographs, web and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos, and more.
Virustotal results for the patch


New features in this latest version 2018 CC ( March, 2018)


Better brush organization

Organize and save your brushes in the order you want. Drag and drop to reorder, create folders and subfolders, scale the brush stroke preview, toggle new view modes, and save brush presets with opacity, flow, blend mode, and color.

Brush performance improvements

Don’t be slowed down by lagging brushes. New, faster reaction time is especially noticeable when working on large documents with large brushes.

Access to Lightroom photos

Get your Lightroom CC photos from the cloud right inside Photoshop via search or the Start screen. With deeper integration between all the Adobe Creative Cloud photography desktop and mobile apps, all your photos are synced and accessible everywhere.

Brush stroke smoothing

Get a more polished look faster with a new smoothing algorithm. Vary the amount of smoothing for cleaner lines, even when using a mouse. Available in the Tool Options bar, along with Flow and Opacity.

Exclusive brushes from Kyle T. Webster

Access over 1,000 digital brushes from award-winning illustrator Kyle T. Webster, now available exclusively inside Photoshop.

Variable fonts

With new font technology from Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft, you can define variations within each supported font for weight, height, slant, and more.

Quick Share menu

Share a flattened copy of your work via email, text, social networks, and more. This feature uses native OS sharing mechanisms, including already authenticated services.

Curvature Pen tool

Create paths more quickly, intuitively, and precisely. Push and pull segments directly instead of having to modify Bezier handles, similar to the Curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator CC. Simply double-click to switch between point types.

Custom path color and width

Improve the look and feel of your paths. Choose the color and line thickness to make them easier to see.

Group layer arranging

Copy and paste multiple layers in groups, keeping the same order and location instead of having to drag them to reorder. Copy layers onto your clipboard and paste them at the desired specific spot in your panel, within and between documents in Photoshop.

Enhanced tooltips

Learn about the different tools in Photoshop without leaving the app. With enhanced tooltips, dynamic information surfaces when you hover over a tool.

360 panorama workflow

Edit and export 360 panoramas. Photoshop will maintain important metadata to work with third-party viewers. You can also pan and zoom around your image inside a spherical workspace for a realistic preview experience.

Properties panel improvements

Keep better track of details for Adobe Stock assets by viewing title and license state. View an image and find similar images on the Adobe Stock site. Edit type properties with multiple layers selected, change the leading, and more.

Support for Microsoft Dial

Native support for Microsoft Dial gives you quick access to important controls without having to use your mouse. Control brush parameters including size, hardness, opacity, flow, and smoothing.

Paste as plain text

Now you can paste text without the styling. No need to spend the time reformatting text after pasting.

Depth Map import from HEIF

Photoshop now supports High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) format, promoted by Apple in macOS 10.13 and iOS 11. With depth information provided by the iPhone 7 Plus and future devices, you can create a depth-of-field effect using the Lens Blur filter.

Select and Mask improvements

Get more accurate and realistic results with algorithm and performance improvements, especially in cases where the foreground and background color are similar. Other usability and performance improvements include faster Quick Mask and more intuitive view mode settings.

And so much more

Also includes: Performance and stability improvements, the ability to save large files faster, better face detection for Face-Aware Liquify, better Content-Aware Crop and Content-Aware Fill on edges, and more.





Important note: The following tutorial explains how to patch the amtlib.dll file with Universal/PainteR patch. It's one of the easiest way to activate Photoshop. There are other ways you can activate Photoshop too. You can find these other patchs and keygens (xForce, Anti-cloud) inside all three of the downloads. If you want You can use the xForce keygen to generate a serial number and do offline activation. Details instructions are provided inside the downloads for these other options.

Part 01: Installing
-Make sure you are offline before starting the instllation
-Run setup.exe and wait till the installation is done

Part 02: Applying the patch
-Don't run Photoshop or Creative cloud right after installation. Go to the crack folder (xforcepainter), and run the Universal or PainteRpatch as admin

-Select Photoshop CC 2017 (64 Bit) from the drop down menu and then click "Patch"


-You will get an error message saying "Cannot find the file. Search the file?". Click "Yes"


-It will ask you to locate the amtlib.dll. This file is located in the PS installation folder

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018


Once you see "--WORKING DONE--" at the bottom, you can close the patch


Part 03: Blocking the Adobe activation servers in the host file

Go to start, and search for notepad, right click on the notepad app and, click "Run as Administrator"


Once the notepad is open, click Open from the File menu


Now go to this following patch in your system drive, and open the file hosts


Once the hosts file is opened in the notepad add these following lines at the bottom of the hosts file

# Adobe Blocker lmlicenses.wip4.adobe.com lm.licenses.adobe.com na1r.services.adobe.com hlrcv.stage.adobe.com practivate.adobe.com activate.adobe.com


Now save the hosts file, and exit notepad

For additional safety Disable Adobe stuff in the start up


-That's all you have to do. (When the patching is done you can connect to the internet and use the application)

System Requirements:


- Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
- Microsoft Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 8.1
- 2 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
- 2 GB of available hard-disk space for 32-bit installation; 2.1 GB of available hard-disk space for 64-bit installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
- 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with 16-bit color and 512 MB of VRAM (1 GB recommended)*
- OpenGL 2.0–capable system
- Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.**

Before you download:

I see some people are having issues with safelinking. If you don't see a captcha try the following things

  • Try reloading the image
  • Try a different browser
  • Try disabling Adblock ( or other add blocking plugins)
  • Don't forget to put in the password (It's kinda hard to see the password field in the white background)
  • If you are still having issues Reply here or PM me for direct links




New*: Adobe Photoshop Premium/Paid Plugins Collections 2018 (All plugins are full versions with cracks or patches)

Collection 01

Exposure 4
Blow Up 3
Topaz Labs (Photoshop Plugins)
Redynamix HDR
Filter Forge
Alien Skin
Nikon Color FX
Web Font Plugin
Pixel Blender
Knoll Light Factory

Collection 02 [Updated March 30 2018]

3d Map Generator V2
ADP Pro 3.1
ALCE 3.0.0
Chameleon Adaptive Palette 2.4.5
Coolorus 2.5.12
Delicious Retouch 4.0
DFT Light 4.0 v.6.1
DFT Rays 2.0 v.4
Double USM v.2
GuideGuide 4.7.1
HDR Reactor 2.0
Imagenomic Professional (Realgrain 2.0.1, Noiseware 5.0.3, Portraiture 3.0.2)
InstaMask 1.1
Lumenzia v5.0.0
Magic Retouch Pro 4.2
Millenium Panel Build 12.2016
NEXT Local Contrast Enhancer 1.0.6
Perfectly Clear Complete
Perspective Tools V2
Custom Tools
RA Beauty Retouch Panel 3.1
Raya Pro 2.1
Retouching Toolkit 2.0.1
Sacred Geometry Generator
TK Infinity Mask
TKActions V6 Ultimate
Retouch Panel 3.5
Vitamin BW 2.0.2

Download Collection 01| 600 MB| No Password| RAR4

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Download Collection 02| 1.74 GB| No Password| RAR4

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.


Download version [ April 2018] 64 Bit| RAR4

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Download version [ March 2018] (32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4

64 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

32 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Download version 19.0.1| ISO| Multilingual

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Safelinking password: warezbb

Download version [ February 2018] (32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4

64 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

32 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Password : warezbb

Download version [ January 2018] (32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4| ISO

64 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

32 Bit + Patches - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Just patches (XFORCE Keygen + Universal/Painter Patch v1 & v2 + AMT PATCH)

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Password : warezbb

Download version [ November 2017] (32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4| ISO

64 Bit - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

64 Bit - 1 GB Links [1.7 GB]

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

32 Bit - Single Link

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

32 Bit - 1 GB Links [1.4 GB]

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Password : warezbb

Download version [October 2017](32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4| ISO

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Password : warezbb


Download version 18.1.1 (32 & 64 Bit)| RAR4| ISO

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Password : warezbb


Download version 18.0.1 (64 Bit)| ZIP| No Password

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Download version 18.0.1 (32 Bit)| ZIP| No Password

Hidden Content

    Reply to this topic to see the hidden content.

Important note (Please read):

I test, and scan my uploads before posting (No matter how big or what platform they are).
I make sure my uploads are as clean as they could be, and in working condition.
I post my own screenshots which I take while I do the testing, and I don't put any watermarks on my images.
All my uploads have 6% recovery record, so no corrupted archives.
I provide free,fast, and resumable links for free users.
It takes a lot of time, energy, & patience to upload files, and make a great post.
Please post a simple "Thanks" (which literally takes 2 seconds) if you downloaded the software.
In case of a dead link or if there is something wrong during/after the installation, please make sure you post a reply or PM me. I'll try to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Thank you

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On 5/21/2018 at 6:19 AM, jonathan said:

thank you so much!

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Could you please post a solution to crack coolorus 2.5.12  or some other color wheel ?

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      Name ISO x64:mu_win_10_vl_aio_10in1_1903.18362.295.2019_August_x64
      Size x86:3,38 GB (3.632.404.835 bytes)
      Size x64:4,44 GB (4.771.942.755 bytes)
      SHA1 x86:f08adfc719ef112b95303360275c7086b405b456
      SHA1 x64:73022e3c496f055a64930866d2874addea8c7f30
      Activation:Permantly Activation( Generate Digital License) v62.01
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      2.Windows 10 Pro"
      3.Windows 10 Home Single Language"
      4.Windows 10 Pro Education"
      5.Windows 10 Pro for Workstations"
      6.Windows 10 Education"
      7.Windows 10 Pro Single Language"(activation dosnt support this edition)
      8.Windows 10 Enterprise for Remote Sessions" (activation dosnt support this edition)
      9.Windows 10 IoT Enterprise"(activation dosnt support this edition)
      10.Windows 10 Enterprise"

      System Requirements:
      Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster.
      RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB).
      Free space on hard disk: 16 gigabytes (GB).
      Graphics card: DirectX 9 graphics device or a newer version.
      Additional requirements to use certain features.
      To use touch you need a tablet or monitor that supports multitouch.
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      WHATS NEW:
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      KB4503308:Security update for Adobe Flash Player

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      Improvements and fixes:

      This security update includes quality improvements. Key changes include:

      -Security updates to Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Cryptography, Windows Datacenter Networking, Windows Virtualization, Windows Storage and Filesystems, the Microsoft JET Database Engine, Windows Linux, Windows Kernel, Windows Server, Windows MSXML, Internet Explorer, and



      Hidden Content http://nitroflare.com/view/B44D483AE368F50/BaDshaH.mu_win_10_vl_aio_10in1_1903.18362.295.2019_August_x86.part1.rar



      Hidden Content http://nitroflare.com/view/6EA3FC2A1BD4230/BaDshaH.mu_win_10_vl_aio_10in1_1903.18362.295.2019_August_x64.part1.rar


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