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[RG] [K2S] Artic Deep (2019)

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Artic Deep (2019)



Total tracks: 25
Size: 263.5 MB
Formats: mp3


Album: Artic Deep (Best House Music For Winter) (2019)
Artist: Deep Elements
Genre: House, Deep House
Date: 2019


Codec: LAME3.99.5
Channels: 2
Bit rate: 320 Kbps
Bit rate mode: VBR
Compression: Lossy
Sampling rate: 44 Khz
Format: MPEG Audio
Format version: Version 1
Format profile: Layer 3
Format mode: Joint stereo


01. Stumpin' And Pumpin' (Original Mix) (06:25)
02. Varion (Deep One Mix) (06:30)
03. Dreamer (Land Of Dreams Mix) (04:12)
04. Creaming (Original Mix) (06:10)
05. Dirty Disco Mix (Original Mix) (03:26)
06. Back to Old (Modell & Mercier Deep Mix) (03:11)
07. Move Your Hair (Original Mix) (03:07)
08. Harvesting Corn (Tunnel Mix) (05:45)
09. Shalala (Vocal Mix) (05:13)
10. House Harmony (Original Mix) (05:16)
11. Buffy (Mini Mix) (05:40)
12. Beautiful Hely (Deep Light Mix) (05:13)
13. Deep Sound (Suspendd Mix) (05:49)
14. Cushing Fight (Modell & Mercier House Mix) (05:42)
15. Midnight Groove (Deep Mix) (06:05)
16. Like a Drug (West Coast Mix) (03:03)
17. My Chance (Cut) (03:15)
18. Empty Heart (DJ Commy Edit) (03:16)
19. Beautiful Girls (Florian's Dub) (03:00)
20. Pirates (Ahoy Club) (02:57)
21. Tromso (Pas Edit) (03:02)
22. We Can Dance (We Can Mix) (03:02)
23. In Back Side Of The Hill (Backhill Mix) (03:07)
24. Into the Inside (House Cut) (03:08)
25. Give My Money (Leone House Jam) (03:12)



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