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[STOP WASTING TIME] Make 200$ in 24 Hours Paypal/Visa/Giftcards/Bitcoin Ebook

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Hello todays im share with people there Ebook to make 200$ in 24hours Paypal/Visa/Giftcards/Bitcoin The Ebook is clean and tested by me antivirus scan here and link for downloading the ebook

Link Antivirus-Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/5f987e52e36e8071297b2c709ea851042899cb6707291c903bb605078d3ba11e/detection


Link Downloading Ebook : https://mega.nz/#!45omGAoI!dakAbap54cUMFKQ9dvaCYlOoqba9a_AQjKlPuLel0KM



Proof of my earning in ebook Pictures of my paypal payment 500USD comming from the Ebook method.

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    • By Ivex
      DL: http://bit.ly/LeakPortal2019
      VT: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/64b96761f853602ccc6c1b47fc5bde8f775e9873f5b01a8d6ca1b25a0d1cc7d0/
    • By Mysft
      I recently found this ebook, and I'm pretty lazy but I've easily made $83.91 in a hour.

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    • By gubjelol
      I spent so much time writing all this, please do not leech. Show that you appreciate my effort.
      A phone (G2A verification) Facebook account or VK account (G2A  verification) 10 min of your time 1$  
      This my method on how to make to make massive profit re-selling Steam keys.
      First of all, you need the keys. You can buy 10 Steam keys for 1$ here. (Cheapest on Nulled) 
      Go to G2a.com, press the thing that says "Start selling now" (top right) then press "Add a product." 
      You will now be asked to make an account. Make one. You need to verify your email. Go to your mail and open the mail they sent.
      When you press the button that says "Confirm your email address now" you will be redirected to a page. Just press continue.
      After that, they will ask you to verify your identity.
      Press "Confirm now." Enter a Username of your choice and press "Next Step."
      Enter your phone number and press the button again.
      The 3rd step is connecting your social media. Choose whatever option you want.
      When you're done with verifying yourself, you can now start selling. 
      Go to this link. It will look like this:

      Type this into the search bar: Random Steam Key GLOBAL 10 Keys
      Add the keys you have bought into the list, enter your price (Current price is 3.6$, so you should list it for 3$)
      Scroll down, press the green button that says "Sell Item." If this does not work for you, try it on other websites where the price might be higher.

      g2a refund ebook e-book make money profit cheap steam gift card steam accs make money easy money
    • By nevro
      This E-book has never been seen before on Leakportal!
      I got this ebook from a friend from LeakForums before they deleted everything.
      This is not a refund method This is not a VCC method This method uses a glitch in loyalty rewards that can be used to duplicate them and get unlimited free Uber Rides and Uber Eats.
      Download link:

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      Dont be butthurt if it doesnt work. It could be fixed I dont know yet.
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