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Fortnite AHK 5/9/18 Double Pump / Tac / Heavy Shotgun

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This is based on RobloxAdom123 script.
Undetected and safe to use 05/09/2018.


  • F1 Double Pump
  • F2 Double Tactic SG
  • F3 Double Heavy SG
  • Tab Terminate

You can also easily add double deagle, etc.
When you shoot, this script will switch to the 2nd gun, shoot and re-switch to the first one.


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I also i made a better script there. This one only switch to the second shotgun WITHOUT shoting. So when you shot, you will swithc to the 2nd one then to the first etc...

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You also should to randomize the delay to avoid bans .

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okay gonna try thanks

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