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Google Authentication Enabled! Faster login and registration

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Greetings everyone, Today we enabled Google OAuth on our site, using google to register and login is Easy, fast and secure. Simply select Login with google, you will be redirected to Google login page. Once you login google will send you back to LeakPortal with a authentication token. We can then use that token to check with google if you are logged in or not.
If you already have an account on our site using a username and password, you can still enable google login. Simple go to you account settings, click on google and press the sync with google button. https://www.leakportal.com/settings/google/

If you are concerned about your privacy, here is the infomation we request from google for your account.

  • Account email
  • Account creation date
  • Age
  • Authentication Token


All the best,
Site Administrator

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Perfect, thank you!

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      Todays leaks cover how google filters news as fake news including sites which dont align with googles agenda. Sites like infowars and alexjones being completely blocked from the search engine for "fake news" because they are pro-trump. Google targets sites which supports trump and his actions.
      Leak includes
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      Today Leak Portal gained access to a collection of internal google documents leaked to us by a whistleblower. Documents relation to the internal workings at Google Corp and how their slogan "Don't be 3v1l" is a facade for for their evil plans to manipulate governements, people and even other companies. How they use the search engine to decide what to show you and what not to show you. How much google is hiding from you is really suprising and scary.
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      ==================================================== ======= Jetbrains License Server Crack ======= ======= https://leakportal.com ======= ==================================================== Usage:
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      Please modify the jar file path to absolute path. If step 6 didn't work active with the activation code in the post.  

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    • By Hausmaster
      Sup guys,
      Today we release our new website theme I have been working on for the past few months. We intend to stick with this theme for the future and will improve it as time goes on.
      As always, Feedback and suggestions are welcome, so if you have anything you think could improve, dont heistate to post.
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